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Our Process

A well-executed process is essential to achieve maximum valuation and to attract high-quality investors.

Whether we are working on a small capital raise or the sale of a larger company, we bring the same high-level process to the transaction: understand stakeholder objectives; create a plan to achieve those objectives; identify the strengths of the company and highlight them; plan around issues and anomalies; provide competitive analysis, financial modeling, and comparable-based valuations; merge this information into a compelling narrative; identify and approach appropriate investors or counterparties; and execute with professionalism, care, integrity and hard work.

For all Harvard Capital Group projects, it is our goal to roll up our sleeves and become part of your team until our work is done and the project completed to your satisfaction.

HCG Strengths:

Value-added strategic planning.

Writing business plans and placement memoranda.

Streamlining complex strategies and projects.

Identifying best-fit investors and structure.

Accessing capital.

Typical Twelve-Point Investment Process:

Learn (personal and corporate) objectives of the core stakeholders.

Inventory and perform strategic analysis of the company and industry.
Perform due diligence.

Determine appropriate valuation, capital structure, and investment milestones (if any).

Restructure company and mitigate issues and anomalies, as needed, to make more attractive to investors, speed closing and maximize valuation.

Identify target investor/buyer profiles, as well as strategic alternatives to the transaction.

Perfect presentation materials (summary, presentation, financials, business plan, memoranda).

Approach investors.

Manage the due diligence process for one or more potential counterparties.

Assist in choosing the right partner for the deal.

Negotiate the deal in conjunction with the stakeholders.

Close transaction.

Perform post-transaction monitoring and help in any issues that arise.

We understand that every project is different, and no one method can be properly applied to all deals. But the steps outlined above provide a robust framework for every HCG project, and we are always focused on getting the transaction that works best for our client successfully closed.