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About Us

The Harvard Capital Group is a Los Angeles-based investment bank that provides strategy and deal advice to middle-market private companies and structuring and fundraising advice to startups. We bring Wall Street experience and training as well as education from top-tier schools to clients that do not have access to bulge-bracket investment banks. We have worked hard to earn our reputation of trustworthiness.

We advise on a full range of transactions that start at birth (new ventures) and end at exit (sell-side M&A). And we can help you with every step along the way.

Our strategy and consulting advice helps our clients pursue new opportunities, keep abreast of change in their industries, grow and overcome challenges.

In everything we do, our goal is to create the most value for you and your company. In deals, whether capital raises or mergers, we work hard to position your firm in the best light. Our team includes business and legal strategists who are particularly skilled at identifying and improving the strengths of your company as well as managing issues or anomalies. We boast a bestselling business author who knows how to connect complex dots to articulate a clear narrative. Whether we are working with a start-up or advising on an exit, our process supports a higher valuation and better execution, all within the framework of a professional and collaborative approach.

If you feel that you might benefit from partnering with a top-notch team that will focus on your needs, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.